Comparative Analysis of Regional
Policies for Adult Learning


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The Agency of Adult and Further Education is run under the auspices of the Lower Saxony League for Liberal Adult Education (nbeb) which was founded in 1954. Nbeb represents the interests of its plurally organized member institutions. The Agency is a unique institution in Germany that was set up in 2006 by the Government of Lower Saxony and nbeb in order to support the work of adult education providers in the region.
The mission of the Agency is defined in the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Act (NEBG), issued on 23. November 2004. According to the Act, the Agency

- is the central service organisation for all adult education providers eligible for public co-funding in Lower Saxony
- is the central body to provide staff training for adult education providers
- deals with quality management and consulting in adult education
- deals with networking, development and innovation in the area of adult education

Services provided

The Agency:

  • advises on all questions relating to the Adult Education Act of Lower Saxony
  • manages the provision of public funding from the provincial state budget for adult education, and monitors the implementation of the funded projects
  • advises and decides on education leave
  • offers an extensive training programme for adult education staff
  • advises on pedagogical and thematic developments
  • advises on quality management and organisational development
  • advises on project management and funding opportunities
  • strengthens innovation through projects
  • represents the sector on the national and international level, in working groups and associations
Clients' categories / targeted groups

The Agency main clients are adult education providers and their staff in Lower Saxony. The agency furthermore co-operates with stakeholders from other educational areas (universities, vocational schools, schools, nurseries), politics, private enterprises and NGOs.

Contact details
Agentur für Erwachsenen- und Weiterbildung
Bödekerstraße 16-18
30161 Hannover
Tel. 0511 300330-10
Fax 0511 300330-81

MNE - Ministry for National Economy      

The Ministry for National Economy is responsible for the general planning of Hungarian economic policy and the implementation of strategy for the national economy. The Ministry deals with such vital fields related to the national economy as job creation, the creation of the tax system, improving competitiveness, budget preparation, reducing the national debt and stimulation of economic growth.
The goal of the Ministry for National Economy is to promote – through the efficient use of available economic policy measures and European Union funds – the development of an innovative, knowledge-based economy which is competitive both within the single European market and the globalising world economy, which lends itself to rapid growth and which creates high added value.
Related to this project the Minister of State for Vocational Training and the Labour Market shall

  • contribute to drawing up the employment policy concept of the Government and shall perform the duties related to the coordination of employment policy;
  • direct the work for drawing up concepts, strategies, programmes concerning unemployment benefits, support promoting employment, labour market services and the development of adult education, vocational training and labour market training as well as the expert preparation of the laws regulating these fields;
  • direct the performance of duties relating to the EU membership in the field of employment policy including the tasks related to the Employment Committee of the European Union and other relevant EU committees; shall contribute to carrying out the tasks related to the Europe 2020 strategy and the European Semester;
  • in order to promote life-long learning, he shall direct the work for substantiating the relevant Government strategy and drawing up proposals resulting therefrom;
  • as regards the special fields of employment and training, he shall direct the working out and implementation of programmes implemented within the framework of economic development programmes and regional programmes, and shall cooperate with the Minister of State for the Utilisation of EU Funding as regards the implementation of those programmes;
  • direct the public institute of vocational and adult training;


SVIMEZ is a prestigious Think Tank established in 1946 as non-profit association funded from the Italian Government. SVIMEZ specialises in the analysis and study of regional economies with a particular focus towards the regional social and economic development and Southern Italian. SVIMEZ's mission is to provide scientific and economic analysis of regional development so as to propose tangible inputs and recommendations for national and regional policy making in support of social and economic development. SVIMEZ performs research on demography, economic statistics and social development policies with the aim of bridging the divide between Northern and Southern Italy.
SVIMEZ's main areas of analysis are: cohesion and infrastructure policies; learning, educational and AL policies; employment and labour; public finance; agro-food system; international integration of Southern Italy; tourism; logistics; crime and security.

Since 1986, SVIMEZ has been working with a bi-regional econometric model (NMODS), with which it does periodical simulations of the economic trends of Southern and Central-Northern Italy, and appraisals of the impact of socio-economic policies.
SVIMEZ's flagship publication is the "Rapporto sull'Economia del Mezzogiorno" ("Report of the Economy of Southern Italy"), which has been issued annually since 1974 and contains main indicators and economic trends of the South in key sectors. This flagship Report feeds into policy making at local, national and EU level to shape policy decisions for cohesion and socio-economic development policies.


Established in 1974, the Department of Adult and Community Education ( at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (, is at the forefront of the development in adult education practices, research and innovation. The Department plays a significant role as a major contributor to Adult Learning policy having influenced policy development in equality of access to education, professional development of the adult and community education in Ireland, advancement of lifelong learning, and recognition of prior learning. The Department is recognised as a leader in bringing higher education opportunities outside the confines of the campus and encouraging wider society participation through its outreach programmes.


The Regional Economic Development Agency for Šumadija and Pomoravlje Ltd (REDASP), was founded in 2005 through the transformation process of the Regional Agency for small and medium enterprises ‘Šumadija’ which was established in 2002 within the project "The Non-financial support to the SME sector in Serbia", financed by the European Union and the European Agency for Reconstruction.
It represents a partnership of private, public and NGO sectors from the area of two districts: the district of Šumadija and the district of Pomoravlje. There are 11 municipalities on the territories of these districts.

Through the professional implementation of projects and the dynamic and innovative approach, REDASP has proven itself as one of a leading development agency of the regional economic development in Serbia.

Sectors of interventions are as follows:

• Support to human resources development
• Support to the territorial development:
- Rural development
- Spatial planning as a precondition for investment attraction
- Tourism development
• Support to entrepreneurship development
• Local and regional strategic planning

Regional Agency has the staff of the 15 permanently employed, and has a certified network of 39 external associates from the diferent fields of services and trainings.

Regional Agency has significant experience in implementation of projects financed by national and international donors in fields such as Strategic planning, Institutional capacity building, Human resource development, SME and entrepreneurship development, Territorial development, tourism, rural development, infrastructure and environment protection.
Total number of implemented and projects started with realization is more than 40 and their total value is close to 44.000.000 EUR.


IDP European Consultants is a dynamic service company assisting public and private organizations with tailored consulting and training services on EU funds and business opportunities. IDP European Consultants has a consolidated experience in EU funding instruments, thanks to its presence in Brussels since 1991.

IDP assists a variety of clients ranging from large multinational corporations to small businesses in monitoring EU opportunities and accessing EU funding programmes managed centrally by EU institutions and agencies, such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus, COSME, Life, Creative Europe, etc. IDP provides tailored consulting services also to Universities and Research Canters on access to EU funds and grants. In addition to assisting its clients in accessing EU funds, IDP European Consultants directly participates to EU funded projects in various domains.

IDP European Consultants delivers high quality training on project financing, project management and EU funding mechanisms. IDP provides training to professionals and executives from both the public and private sectors. In addition, IDP provides specialised training and consulting services to the Third Sector at large, i.e. Not for Profit and Non Governmental Organsations. IDP holds in Brussels a four-day Master Class on how to leverage EU funding opportunities.

Partners of IDP European Consultants have more than 20 years of international experience in the preparation, management and supervision of large international projects and have complementary expertises ranging from Research & Development, innovation, entrepreneurship and finance to human capital development and the Third Sector. In addition, some Partners are also invited by the European Commission as thematic experts and evaluators in some funding programmes. Most recently one partner of IDP was appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Group on Access to Risk Finance of the European Commission for the Horizon 2020 programme managed by DG Research and Innovation.
Incorporated in Italy, IDP has offices in both Italy (Pescara) and Brussels.

More information about IDP European Consultants are available at

IDP European Consultants is also on facebook: IDP European Consultants


Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova) is a non-profit institute of lifelong learning. The mission of AINova is to educate and share information for our partners to become effective players in the future development in the region.

Since its establishment in 1996, AINova has emphasised the international cooperation, mainly through forming international partnerships and projects, developing active cross-border cooperation and transferring our experience abroad.

AINova´s educational activities focus on European affairs – in particular on EU legal system, institutions and decision-making procedures, possibilities of the Slovak Republic to affect decision-taking in Brussels, regional development policies and use of structural funds. Another area is protection of cultural and natural heritage closely connected with the local development and preparation of strategic plans, raising awareness on the preservation of historical and current buildings. AINova provides also language teaching, mainly English but also other foreign languages.

AINova organises long- and short-term specialised educational programmes for adults. The teaching takes several forms – face-to-face and distance teaching and e-learning. It also deals with adult education methodology and focuses on interactive teaching methods. The institution deals with applied research and providing consultancy services within its scope of activities.

AINova operates an Information centre for the town of Svätý Jur. Its activities are directed to the local community, promotion of natural and cultural values of the Little Carpathian region for visitors and residents of Svätý Jur.